Volunteering for Us

NLS is always looking for volunteers.  The work is interesting, fulfilling and can be done in discreet chunks, often from the volunteers’ home or office, and on your own time.

We are looking for:

--Lawyers to bring quiet title cases.  An average case takes 10-15 hours.  We will provide training and case for forms for you to use.  If you are an attorney and are already working with Legal Aid’s Volunteer Attorney Project, we encourage you to continue that work.  Legal Aid is doing great work and we don’t want to take away their volunteers.

--Lawyers and Non-Lawyers to research property ownership and claims on property.  This is essentially cyber-sleuthing work—checking through property records, court judgments, tax rolls and the internet to track down people who may have claims on urban core properties.  If you like solving really life mysteries, this work is for you.  The work takes 2-3 hours per property, can be done completely on the internet and is essential in getting urban core properties with title defects rehabbed.  We’ll provide the training;

--Good, Experienced Contractors to rehab urban core properties.  While NLS is not doing any rehab work ourselves, the urban core needs lots more rehabbers to bring great, old, but neglected buildings back to life.  There are thousands of houses in KC’s urban core that need help.  If you want to do meaningful work—and maybe even turn a profit—this is a gigantic opportunity for talented rehabbers.

--Everybody else.  There’s lots of work to be done.  If you’re good at social media work, we can use you.  If you are a talented accountant, we’re happy to put you to work.  If you have other ideas on how you might be able to help, we should be talking.

How to sign up:  Call NLS’s Executive Director, Gregg Lombardi at (816)401-1951 to talk more about volunteering.