Quiet Title Work

There are thousands of vacant and blighted properties in the urban core of Kansas City; for many of these, it is unclear who actually owns the property. Without clear title, banks will not make loans for redevelopment and the properties cannot be sold to traditional buyers.

These title defects effectively prohibit the rehabber from obtaining loans on the property to improve it.  Worse, if a rehabber invests his or her own funds in improvement, the property may face foreclosure or collection actions from the lenders, organizations or individuals who continue to have legal claims to the property.

The result is that many hundreds of urban core properties that could be developed languish for years.

NLS’s primary work is to clear title on urban core properties in Kansas City, so that they can be rehabbed and made into quality housing for low-income families.

NLS currently handles Quiet Title cases for Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Brinshore Development and the Land Bank of Kansas City.

Our priority is to clear title on properties that will be rehabbed, by a not-for-profit or community-supported private developer immediately upon the clearing of title.  Our goal is that, within one year of completion of the Quiet Title work, the property will be occupied, tax paying property and, if it is residential property, it will be the home for an urban core family.