3416 Park

Larry Myer is doing a great job on this house.  It has federal tax liens.

Agnes Rd. and Woodland Ave. Properties


4030 Agnes Rd. - This property has been abandoned for years. NLS is clearing title on the property for the Land Bank, so that the property can be developed and can become a home for a low-income family.

804 Woodland Ave. - NLS is working to clear title for Brinshore Development for this property as part of Brinshore’s work on the Paseo Gateway Project. Kansas City and the Housing Authority of Kansas City obtained a $30 million grant from HUD for the project to provide holistic housing services for low-income Kansas Citians. Once title is cleared on the property, Brinshore will build 21 townhouses on the property for low-income families.

Bellaire, Harrison, and Truman Rd. Properties


305 Bellaire -  The prior owners of this house were property flippers, who left a long trail of unpaid loans and unpaid workers behind them.  NLS is negotiating to try to assist 12 low-income laborers who have a $71,000 judgment against the prior owners to take possession of the house and rehab it, so that it can be the home for one or more of their families.

8611 Harrison -  NLS is clearing title on this set of vacant lots, just west of Troost in the Marlborough neighborhood, so that it can be developed.

6841 E. Truman Rd. - This vacant property used to be the Manchester Elementary School.  The prior owner abandoned it.  The Land Bank has acquired the property and NLS is representing the Land Bank to clear title on the property, so that it can be developed.

Cypress Avenue Properties


501 Cypress Ave. -  NLS is teaming up with Catholic Charities to turn two vacant Land Bank properties on Cypress Ave., into high quality rental housing for low-income, homeless families.  NLS is clearing the title on the properties to allow the project to go forward.

401 Cypress Ave. - This is the second of two vacant lots that NLS is clearing title on, so that Catholic Charities can build a home for a homeless family.

Highland Avenue Properties


3004 Highland Ave. -  Habitat for Humanity is rehabbing three homes on the 3000 block of Highland Ave that were severely blighted and turning them into high quality housing for low-income families.  The families devote at least 300 hours of work on the rehab of the property and undergo extensive financial training.  They have to pay for all the materials for the rehab, which they pay off over 30 years through a very affordable mortgage (which is much less than the family would have to pay to rent a much lower quality apartment or house).  NLS is clearing title for the properties, so that they families that are buying them can move in and have clear title.

3035 Highland Ave. -  This is the second of three houses in the 3000 block of Highland Ave. that NLS is clearing title for, on behalf of Habitat for Humanity.  The new family moved in to the property in January.

3023 Highland Ave. -  This is the third of three properties that NLS is clearing title on for Habitat for Humanity.  The new family moved into the house in late February.